Tips for Preparing Your Outdoor Space for the Fall Part 1

Although it seems like you’re stuck in the dog days of summer, believe it or not, fall is just around the corner, which many people love. Fall is the season of cooler temperatures, shorter days, beautiful colors, and apple picking. It’s a return to school, a winding up of vacations, and a time to settle

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Long Lasting & Durable Flooring Options

Most of us don’t want to work. Humans are inherently lazy. If given the choice to sit around all day and do whatever you want or go to your job for eight or more hours a day and make the same amount of money, most of us would pick staying at home. We like to

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How Polished Concrete is Eco-Friendly

Home improvement projects tend to dominate the spring and summer seasons. After all the weather is nice and the days are long, offering plenty of opportunity to kick it into high gear. Premier Polishing in Holbrook is your go-to polished concrete service. Offering polished concrete, pressure washing, and sealed pavers services, we make your home

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Spring Home Improvement Projects

Spring has arrived, characterized by warmer weather, more sun than clouds, longer days, and more activity. The itch to accomplish projects that have been put off since the fall hits, and you’re ready to dive right in and start getting home improvement projects done. But which ones exactly? Premier Polishing in Holbrook, NY, offers polished

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Is Polished Concrete Right for You?

Premier Polishing Corp specializes in polished concrete. We believe it’s superior to all other flooring types. However, we understand people have different tastes and are looking at other flooring options for a particular feel or appearance. Here, we’ll lay out the reasons why we believe you should choose polished concrete for your flooring needs, whether for

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