Wondering about the cost of stamped, colored, or polished concrete floors? Wondering why get colored concrete in the first place? Considering whether getting stained concrete is ultimately the best option for you? In this blog, we answer all these questions and more!


Premier Polishing Corp is here to provide you with the commercial or residential polished concrete floors you’re looking for at unbeatable prices. We have been serving our Long Island community for years and would be proud to help you with any concrete flooring projects you have in mind. In particular, Premier Polishing specializes in:

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Today’s post is primarily about the last point in that bulleted list: staining and dyeing concrete floors. Staining or dyeing concrete floors is a cost-effective, simple way to achieve the desired appearance for your floors, without having to sacrifice on other qualities such as durability, strength, and ease-of-cleaning and -maintenance. Concrete floor stains can make an otherwise gray and boring space look colorful, attractive, and suitable for any type of room in your home, business, or public building. 

The most difficult decision to make with stained concrete is how to choose the color or pattern best suited for your space. You can bedazzle a kitchen with luminous metallic shades, make concrete floors that look like wood or granite or marble, and give it colors from vibrant purple, blue, red, to a subdued forest green and many more. When it comes to narrowing down your options, Premier Polishing is happy to help. Give us a call to discuss your options and get a free estimate for colored concrete flooring cost. 

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Bring Your Floors to Life with Colored Concrete

One of the simplest types of colored concrete is integral coloring. These are admixtures of solid colors added together with concrete floor overlays to achieve a uniform tone with no variation. The cost of stained concrete can vary as widely as $2 per square foot for a basic, one-color stain job, all the way up to $25 per square foot for a high-end, luxury stain job, including stencil work and hand-applied stains. 

Basic stained concrete floors are usually less expensive than other flooring options such as natural stone, wood, and tile flooring. What is more, the longevity of concrete over those alternatives also factors into the cost, as it is unlikely to need repairs or replacement as a flooring option such as wood. Compared to regular polished concrete, the extra cost for a stain or dye job is minor. 

Why Get Colored Concrete?

Colored concrete doesn’t just add aesthetic value to your property, it also impacts it in a number of other very positive ways. With eco-friendly options available, endless applications, special resistance to stains, chemicals, and much more, stained or dyed concrete is a fantastic option in a wide variety of different scenarios. Are you on Long Island and are thinking about getting concrete staining, concrete dyeing, concrete polishing, or any other related service? Learn more about how Premier Polishing can provide you top-quality service at the best price-point in the region. Want to get a free estimate for your project? Reach out to us today!