You want your outdoor space to be functional as well as beautiful. Towards those ends, one popular solution to outdoor hardscaping is pavers, in particular getting paving stones installed on patios and walkways. A paver can be made of stone, tile, brick, and more, and comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. When you get your stonework done, the installers may apply a sealing paver or they may not. The best way to make your pavement look good for years to come is to get it sealed. There are countless benefits to sealing pavers, regardless of whether you are in a commercial or a residential setting. What is more, if left unsealed, your pavers can break down over time, as well as develop mold, fungus, and other problems. If you want to increase the lifespan of your pavers, sealing them is quite simply your best option.

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How Do Sealing Pavers Work?

The general process of applying a sealing solution to your concrete or other surfaces takes a few days. The first step when we begin working is to make sure the surface is dry, clean, and that there are no weeds or other debris that could get in the way. After the surface is clean, we come in and apply the sealer with a low-pressures sprayer. From there, we squeegee the sealer into the joints and remove excess material from the surface. It will take only a few hours for it to dry, but we recommend staying off the surface for 24 hours so there’s no doubt that it has dried completely.

Benefits of Sealing Pavers

The benefits of sealing pavers are numerous. In our minds, sealing pavers is practically a necessity for most hardscaping surfaces.


The first thing that sealing pavers help with is that they improve the beauty of your home. The process can provide a glossy finish to your stonework, depending on the sealer used, and can also help enhance the hue of the material. The lovely hue of your stonework will also fade much slower, as many sealers also include protection against UV rays, which can lead to fading. You can get your patio enhanced with a matte, satin, or glossy finish. For a natural look, the matte finish is recommended; it will help the natural beauty of your stones shine through. However, if you want a bit more of a “like new” look, a satin look will keep your patio looking new and vibrant. Lastly, you can enhance your stonework with a glossy finish that shows the full depth of its color.


Whether you have concrete, brick, or stone, your material is susceptible to damage by the elements over time. Your patio and walkways can fade, develop mold, crack, and more. Applying sealer can help prevent these occurrences. The way sealers work is that they protect the pores of your material from, for example, getting water in them that could freeze and lead to damage.


Not only will sealing pavers inhibit weed growth, they will also create a more durable surface for regular use. This will extend the longevity of your material. The surface is not going to deteriorate or wear as quickly, nor is it as likely that loosening and cracks will appear. An added bonus to sealing pavers is that it makes it easier to clean, as it’s smooth and the cracks are minimized.

The Beauty and Durability Your Pavers Deserve

Are you ready to assure long-lasting beauty and value to your pavers? Whether your pavers have been recently installed and you want to ensure their longevity or they’re old and you want to make them look like new again, sealing pavers is a cost-effective way to do so. If you are in or around Holbrook, contact Premier Polishing to get your pavers sealed today. The best thing you can do to extend the life of your pavers is to get them sealed. Our team specializes in sealing pavers, so call us today to get your free estimate!