Although it seems like you’re stuck in the dog days of summer, believe it or not, fall is just around the corner, which many people love. Fall is the season of cooler temperatures, shorter days, beautiful colors, and apple picking. It’s a return to school, a winding up of vacations, and a time to settle back into routine before the busyness of the holidays hits.

Premier Polishing in Holbrook, NY, specializes in polishing concrete floors, as well as power washing and sealing pavers. We love the outdoors, and we love helping make your outdoor space a wonderful place to enjoy. Hence, as the cooler temperatures are right around the corner, we’ll offer up tips for you to prepare your outdoor space for fall. Contact us today for all your concrete floors!


  1. Mulch your plants. Mulch is the top material of your garden or plant beds that can be made from composted materials, bark, sawdust, leaves, pine needles, grass clippings, straw, and the like. Mulch is usually an organic material. Mulching provides many benefits for your outdoor space, such as helps the soil to retain moisture, regulates the soil temperature, and suppresses weed growth. Mulch also has an aesthetic appeal that just looks nice. Premier Concrete in Holbrook recommends remulching before the weather turns cold in order to protect your plant life.
  2. Consider adding a fire pit. Many homeowners put hours into their outdoor spaces and want to enjoy them as long as possible. However, when the sun dips, so too do the temperatures, which can make for a chilly night outdoors. You can help prolong the use of your outdoor space by adding in some heat. A fire pit is a great way to add warmth to your body and your soul, as you sit outside during the shortening days, enjoying a soothing drink, and relaxing in your outdoor space. Premier Polishing in Holbrook also recommends considering a propane patio heater, especially if you live in an area that doesn’t take kindly to open flames.
  3. Clean your grill. This is an often forgotten to-do on most people’s list for fall preparation. Not only is it more sanitary to have a grill clean of food bits, but it also protects your grill from rust and unnecessary wear and tear. Premier Polishing of Holbrook recommends that you invest in a grill cover to keep out the elements when the cold weather hits.
  4. Clean your patio and/or your deck. If you walk outside and take a look at your patio and/or your deck, it’s probably showing its signs of summer use. From plant materials to dirt, dust, grime, and spider webs, odds are your deck or patio could use a good wash. Premier Polishing offers power washing services for both homes and businesses. Having a clean outdoor space before the winter hits not only helps to get rid of any nasties lurking, such as allergens or mildew, but it also protects your polished concrete or wood of your deck by having dirt and debris off, which can cause damage just sitting on the surface.


Premier Polishing Holbrook offers the best polished concrete floor options, using Husqvarna flooring techniques. All of our flooring experts are certified and are always upgrading their immense skills through additional training. We also offer power washing services for you outdoor spaces, as well as sealed pavers. As the Top Rated Local® concrete polishing company, we’ve got all of your outdoor needs covered. Our customers always come first. Give us a call today to get started!