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Hiperfloor™ is a special kind of concrete flooring process specifically designed to enhance the beauty of new and existing concrete floors. Hiperfloor™ refers to the process of refining concrete floors through grinding, polishing, and applying a penetrating guard. We offer three finishes to meet your various needs, from commercial and industrial to residential. Hiperfloor™ was designed to make your concrete floors last, perform, and shine.



  • Durable

  • Long-lasting

  • Beautiful

  • Available in many colors

  • Available in three finishes: basic, standard, and premium 

  • Easy to clean

  • Resistant to wear and spills

  • Abrasion-resistant

  • Slip-resistant

  • Minimal lifetime cost


Husqvarna Hiperfloor is both affordable and long-lasting. This means that a small initial investment will pay for itself time and time again.

Clean and Safe

Cleaning a polished concrete floor is exceptionally easy. They require very little maintenance, and they are slip-resistant in order to keep people safer.


Are you sick of replacing other kinds of flooring every few years? A polished concrete floor will last much longer than carpet, tile, and most laminate flooring types.

Great Options

Hiperfloor is available in many different colors in order to provide you with an option that will match your building’s style, and there are three finishes for specialized needs.

As a Top Rated Local® concrete flooring company on Long Island, Premier Polishing specializes in polished concrete. Polished concrete is a concrete floor that has been refurbished or refinished and made exceptionally beautiful. Concrete is by nature a green material, made up of a conglomeration of aggregate (i.e. crushed gravel, recycled concrete, sand, fly-ash etc.), portland cement and water.


Polished Concrete System

The polished concrete system is where concrete is grinded to get the concrete aggregate to the desired size. More grinding results in more aggregate exposed; more polishing results in a shinier surface. Polishing your concrete surface erases minor imperfections and fills cracks, making the surface incredibly smooth. Once the desired polishing is complete, a penetrating guard is applied that protects the concrete surface and gives it shine.

  • Lasts longer
  • Less maintenance
  • Won’t dull over time
  • No ripples/roller marks
  • No peeling or bubbling
  • Prevents discoloration

Grind and Seal System

This is a concrete industry term for a clear coating system applied to a concrete surface. This floor, sometimes referred to as polished concrete, is really just a coated concrete surface. Premier Polishing would grind the concrete to remove imperfections and other coatings, and then seal it to protect the surface from wear and tear. In this system there are many coating options, allowing floors to be completely customizable. A major advantage of this system is it’s affordability.

Seal and Burnished System

If you’re looking for a go-between of actual polished concrete flooring and the grind and seal system, you’ve found it in the burnished acrylic system. The process is very similar to the other two processes except the seal and burnish system heats the sealer when applied to decrease curing time. The concrete is grinded down for exposure, grouted to correct imperfections (that will inevitably arise), treated, and then polished with diamond tools. A topical acrylic sealer is then applied, which provides the protective coating to the polished concrete flooring. After a short curing period, your floors will be ready to work and impress!

Experienced, Skilled, and Certified Installers

When you are looking for a way to improve how your home or business looks, a polished concrete floor is one of the best and fastest ways to make a drastic and exciting change. If you want a floor that will last and looks great, you need professional installation from a qualified and experienced team.

At Premier Polishing, we have helped home- and business-owners across the New York area get the floors they want. To find out more information about Hiperfloor, contact us today. We also offer free estimates, so reach out now to see just how easily a new polished concrete floor can fit into your budget!



Concrete Colors

Deciding on a color for your polished concrete flooring is best done before the process begins. Most concrete suppliers provide a standard mix of aggregate, sand, and cement, but this can be customized to create your desired color, which is virtually unlimited. If the concrete is already installed and you want to change the color, Premier Polishing can stain the floor to change the color. You can choose from 15 different color options.

Concrete Finishing

Finishing is what gives your polished concrete pop and shine. In general, the longer the finishing process, the shinier the polished concrete surface will be. There are three levels that are typically used for polished concrete finishing.

  1. Premium Level: The premium level finish is the highest quality finish. It is ground to the finest possible level and eliminates almost all imperfections in the floor. It is the shiniest and glossiest polished concrete flooring option. Being that is it processed to as close to perfection as possible, this finish option is usually reserved for showrooms, luxury homes, and retail spaces where the reflection of light is a priority.
  2. Standard Level: While not processed as much as the premium level polished concrete flooring, the standard level finish still has great glossiness and removes many of the imperfections in the concrete surface. This affordable option is commonly used in residential homes.
  3. Basic Level: The basic level finish is considered a satin rather than a gloss. Some of the imperfections in your concrete surface will be seen. The basic level polished concrete finish is often chosen for areas where the quality of the polished concrete is less important, such as garage or warehouse


Exposure levels in polished concrete refers to the amount of aggregate that can be seen once the polishing is finished. Remember, aggregate is the tiny stones or granules that make up part of the concrete mix. Exposure level is dependent on how well the concrete was installed and what kind of finish it was given.

Exposure is a component of concrete flooring that is often ignored. Many concrete surfaces are poured with the idea that they will be covered up by other flooring systems, making exposure an afterthought. However, if in the future, you want to polish the underlying concrete surface, this lack of attention can be costly to fix in the future. There are three types of exposure in polished concrete surfaces:

Cream/Salt & Pepper Exposure:

This exposure in concrete means it has been processed the least. Only the top layer of concrete is removed before it is polished and sealed. Grouting is not a part of this exposure process, meaning any surface imperfections, cracks, or discolorations will be visible after polishing. Cream/salt & pepper exposure can look amazing as long as the initial installation of the concrete was performed correctly. When performed incorrectly, the polished concrete result can be cracked, not flat, and have air bubbles or pockets.

Partial/Variation Exposure:

The focus of this exposure is to grout any cracks and yield a consistent result. If working with existing concrete, a consistent result may not be achievable and could result in a variation exposure. This is the middle ground option for home and business owners who want a beautiful polished concrete floor without the cost of a full exposure process.

Full exposure:

Full exposure involves grinding the concrete to achieve the maximum amount of aggregate exposure. Aggregate is more easily polished and able to retain a high gloss finish. Thus, the more aggregate that is exposed, the more beautiful your polished concrete flooring will be.

Premier Polishing on Long Island offers the best polished concrete flooring using the Husqvarna Hiperfloor™ method, which yields the strongest, most durable and aesthetically pleasing concrete surface. With our multitude of floor color and finish options, the sky is the limit!